Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad 83rd Birthday

It’s April 16th and my dad is celebrating his 83rd birthday. I drove up to my parents’ home in Auburn today, in the foothills of the Sierra-Nevadas, to have lunch and celebrate with them, and of course I made my dad a special card. He always appreciates what I make for him, but it’s more than that; my dad was an art teacher for 40+ years and he taught my sister and I so much over the years. We always had a lot of art supplies and materials for creativity at our house; one thing I particularly remember was an old bureau out in the garage, full of paper end cuts that he got from a printer that he knew. They were all different sizes, textures and colors, and we could pick whatever we wanted out of that drawer and draw, color, cut, glue, tape, glitter, etc. to our hearts’ content. No rules, no lines to follow, just whatever we felt like doing. So it’s no surprise that I still like working with paper today, and that I enjoy making things that I know will interest my creative father.

Here is the card that I made for him this year; I knew that he would like the quote by Vincent Van Gogh, an artist that he has always admired:

Dad Birthday 2015

He mentioned Van Gogh first, and then the bees, and then the little drops of honey (which I made with rhinestones colored with dark yellow alcohol markers.) Over the years I have made other nature-oriented cards for my dad; here are a few examples from the past:

2012-04-16 002

Here is one that I made for my dad’s 80th birthday. It was special because he was born in 1932 and I had found a brass “32” tag to incorporate onto the front. I also used this beautiful vintage Laura Ashley wallpaper for the background. Both this card and the honeycomb one I made this year used the same retired Stampin’ Up! set, “Nature Walk.”

Another birthday card with a bird motif that I made for my father was this one for his 81st birthday:

2005-05-11 002

This one was done as a challenge that he gave me: he had thrown out a quantity of old books, but before he did, he tore out the end sheets because the paper was really nice quality and colors, and he wanted me to make something from this paper. This birthday card with a quote from “To Kill a Mockingbird” was the result of that. The bird is die cut out of cork and stamped with blue ink on top.

This last card was one that I made for Dad for Father’s Day five years ago. He really liked this one because of how I picked up the colors of the peacock feather in the card stock that I used:

2010-06-17 002

I’m so grateful for everything that my father taught me, and that he is still here for us to wish him another  “Happy Birthday!”


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