First Day of Summer Vacation!

dandelion wine

I woke up thinking of 12-year-old Douglas Spaulding today:

“A whole summer ahead to cross off the calendar, day by day. Like the goddess Siva in the travel books, he saw his hands jump everywhere, pluck sour apples, peaches, and midnight plums. He would be clothed in trees and bushes and rivers. He would freeze, gladly, in the hoarfrosted icehouse door. He would bake, happily, with ten thousand chickens, in Grandma’s kitchen.”

There is really nothing like the feeling of freedom and anticipation of all the possibilities ahead that students, and yes, even teachers, get on that first morning of summer vacation! All the things we want to try out, things that we had to set aside during the school year can now be accomplished.

I have several things on my “To Do” list, one of which is that I want to get back to papermaking with my mold and deckle:

mold and decklehandmade paper

It’s really an easy procedure; simply add your saved up end cut scraps of card stock together with water, and after soaking put the mixture in a blender and chop (I have an old blender that I use just for this purpose.) Then pour onto the mold and deckle to form the sheet of handmade paper. After drying, it can be used in mixed media art projects such as this one in the detail below:


In this case, I added dried flower petals to the paper mixture before pouring onto the mold and deckle.

I will be offering a class in papermaking this summer, so stay tuned to find out the date and time!

This is just one of many creative activities that I am planning for the summer; what is on your agenda?


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