The Value of Original Art

“Everything created has a connection to the creator. If you have an original piece of art in your home, even a child’s drawing, it will have a stronger connection to the artist than a print. Everything created has a vibration, low or high, based on the quality of the elements in it and the intention of the creator.”

Melody LeBaron,

I love what Melody has to say about handcrafted art, the connection it has to the maker, and how it can affect us by being in our midst. Here is a mixed media painting that my father did in the 1960’s, and that I now have hanging in our living room:


I watched my father produce many paintings when I was a child, in a  process that he called “Oil Painted Collage.” I remember watching him craft this one from beginning to end; first he covered a piece of masonite board with white latex paint as a substrate, and then he drew the outline of the figure in pencil, based on a playing card queen. Then he began gluing on all sorts of interesting textural elements: nails, S-hooks, paper clips, glazier’s points, cut up plastic doilies and textured naugahyde, even lines and swirls of Elmer’s glue. When all was dry he covered everything with latex paint again and then it was ready to be painted over with oils.

I love this picture for many reasons; because my dad painted it, because it hung in my grandparents’ home for many years, and because the blue and green color scheme is one that resonates with me.  Now I understand that there is even more; some of my father’s feelings, emotions and intentions are still connected to this painting and still bless our home as it hangs on our wall!

Framed Free As A Bird

I have been told more than once that someone I’ve given one of my handmade cards to has loved it so much that they have put it in a frame to enjoy it more permanently. The “Free as a Bird” card above is one that I made and framed to display as art in my own home. It is meaningful to me on several levels; for one thing, it is the first card that I ever had published (Stampers’ Sampler, Winter 2014) and I like to be reminded by Melody that it has an energy to impart that is positive and uplifting.

When you are creating cards, or art of any kind, put your heart and soul into your work, and it will uplift the recipient in unexpected ways!


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