Black Cat by Moonlight

This is a true Halloween tale that is worth telling because it includes fang-like teeth, razor-sharp claws and… blood!

Eddie belonged to my husband first, and before we got married, whenever I went over to visit, things seemed OK. Eddie did appear to be somewhat wild, kind of high-strung in his play habits, but he never bothered with me, so all was well. Or so it seemed.

One day shortly after we got married Reggie was at work, and I was in the hall, putting things away in the linen closet. All of a sudden I felt an intense, ripping pain in my right calf, and realized with horror that Eddie had crept up stealthily behind me for an ambush. He was wrapped around my leg, teeth and claws sunk deep, while the blood dripped to my ankles. I kicked him off and ran to the bathroom, screaming. The message was unmistakable: You don’t belong here – get out!

Well, let’s just say that things were tentative for quite some time in our new household. Eddie was mean to everyone, not just me! Allow me to demonstrate:


I’m not making this up; the camera doesn’t lie! This was the photo that we used on our Halloween cards that first year. So imagine my delight when I opened the mail yesterday and found this incredible card from Reggie’s sister Sherry:

Moonlit Eddie

Inside she wrote, “Does this look familiar? Inspired by Eddie.”  This is about the most darling thing I’ve ever seen, right down to the green glowing eyes! She nailed it.

I’m happy to report that as the years have gone by, Eddie has mellowed out and at age 14 he is really a very sweet old boy.


And yet… is that just a hint of the “evil eye” that I see peeking out? You just never know about a black cat on Halloween.

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