Mona Lisa and I Have a Secret!

My Heart is Yours

My sister-in-law Sherry Pakulski called from Vermont last week to let me know that we both had cards included in the new Winter 2016 issue of The Stampers’ Sampler. She mentioned that our cards were just two pages apart, and that we’d have to try again to get “on the same page.” She was referring to her Heart Locket template cards on page 42 (My Heart is Yours, A Little Kindness is Key) and mine on page 44 (Key to Mother’s Heart, which I will show in a later post – click here.)

A Little Kindness is Key

When my artist’s copy of the magazine arrived in the mail today, I quickly turned to page 42 to see Sherry’s cards.

pages 42-43

But wait, what’s this? On the next page, facing Sherry’s two cards, I saw my very own Mona Lisa’s Secret, the second of two cards that I had submitted for this Challenge!

Mona Lisa published

Of course, Sherry didn’t realize that this was my card; my name was inadvertently omitted and it was attributed to another artist.

So, Mona Lisa and I are both wearing a secret smile today.

Here is a closer look at this card, taken before I submitted it for consideration:

Mona Lisa's Secret

Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, so the color scheme that I chose for this card was meant to convey the earthy colors of Italy, evocative of terra cotta pots and dusty green olive leaves. The A. Rossi patterned paper that I used on the locket background is an Italian script, and I added a scrap of an old Italian postage stamp along with a vintage bookseller’s label.

I will include the two other cards that I had published in this issue in a subsequent post! (Click here to see them.)







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