Ephemera – The Transitory Transformed Into Treasures

My tastes are simple and I can be happy with common things. Like paper for example. It’s my favorite stuff in the universe! I have a lot of it (card stock, books, magazines, etc.) I also have lots of cool, saved up stuff that someone else might have thrown away (old tickets, labels, tags, interesting-looking scraps, and so forth.) So it’s no surprise that when we were cleaning out my grandma’s house, this was the kind of thing that caught my eye:


Ephemera – written or printed matter meant to last no more than a passing moment, and then be tossed away. But luckily, Nana hung on to them, and I was the lucky recipient!

Bob, my sister Karla’s husband, is celebrating his birthday this weekend, so I thought about a card that I made for him a couple of years ago with one of these humble bits of paper:


I had also made one for Karla’s birthday that same year:


This last card that I made for my husband has been shown before, but it definitely belongs in this post:


Even that little logo from the Cracker Jack prize is a bit of ephemera… I really can’t help myself…


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